Women in the Blues

Pink& blues


At a recent benefit for WA drummer and veteran, David Chapman’s family held in Bellingham, I met some fine women musicians. There were a lot of players who came out to honor David and his family. The “girl power” portion of the show where Mary McPage led a group of female vocalists with me on lead guitar performing one of her original song. It was an awesome experience. After some folks heard me play, I received a number of invites to perform at some very cool events. I’m thrilled to add these to my calendar.

Two upcoming events include Marlee Walker’s Blues To Do Live “Women in Blues Musical Collaboration” at the Feedback Lounge - 6451 California Ave. SW, Seattle. I’ll be playing there on October 21st with a group of fine women players and singers. After two successful Ladies First Shows, the Madison Pub - 905 Madison St in Everett features the Ladies First III Show on Saturday Nov. 8th. The event showcases five female artists for a set per artist and I’m thrilled to be part of that event. Stay tuned for pictures and updates!