Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website.  I thought it was time to have a website that better reflects the blues oriented music that I play.  I’ve been busy over the past year writing songs in preparation for a new blues CD and I plan to hit the studio sometime early this year to start recording.    I’ve been playing some of my new songs live at gigs and getting good feedback so I’m looking forward to the next step in the recording process.

Stay tuned and check back in for updates.  More MP3’s, downloads and YouTube clips will be coming soon as well as a new FaceBook Page.

Happy Blues Songs

Like anyone who’s been on the planet for a number of years, I’ve had my share of the blues.  But this has been a really good year for me.  I got married to the love of my life after having gotten it wrong so many times before.  My friends and family are all healthy and happy or heading in that direction and even my trusty old Labrador dog is still holding it together after 13 years as my best friend.  I’ve connected with a number of really great musicians in the lower mainland and Washington state and I’m working on songs for a new blues oriented CD.   Now, I know that everything is in flux and the only thing guaranteed is that things will change, but for now things are good, really good.  And that brings me to my current dilemma.  How do I write a good, kick ass blues song about being happy?  Is it possible and even if it is will it have the impact, the gut wrenching pull of a love gone bad or of betrayal and revenge?

When I penned songs for my debut CD, Fragile Walls, I was feeling  frankly miserable, in an unsatisfying relationship which was doomed to fail.  Writing about the blues and about feeling lonely was easy because I could relate to the pain.  I was living it and it was honest for me to write about it.

So what about now?  Like most of us, I still have my share of the blues from time to time and I remember those experiences.  But at this moment, I feel mostly happy and filled with gratitude.  And that is the most prominent emotion in my world.  It’s no surprise that my most recent writing is about themes such as “having everything I need” or waxing poetic about my baby’s “way with words”.  All true, but I struggle with whether anyone wants to hear about them.

Is the blues the forum for this type of sentiment?   Maybe it’s just about finding a really “lid popping”, cool Freddie King style blues riff and the words won’t even matter.  It’s the raw guitar sound and the groove that makes folks want to listen.

I plan to continue writing and playing my way through this dilemma and if my luck holds out, I’ll have some happy blues songs ready to record soon.