Musings on Mother’s Day and Lovestruck Blues

It was one year ago, the day before Mother’s Day that I released my original blues CD, Lovestruck Blues and performed my songs at a club in Vancouver, BC. The evening was delightful with a full house including friends, family and talented musicians who’d been a part of my project and who joined in the performance. But the most poignant moment of the show came when we dimmed the lights and my daughter, Michelle and I sang together on my ballad, Without You.

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Jill Newman & daughter Michelle

It had been a great experience recording with Michelle. I’m not sure if I was inspired by Levon Helm and daughter Amy or perhaps the Judd’s, but there’s something really special about recording and singing as mother and daughter, no matter how divergent the styles. We were never a typical family; performing together in musical theatre shows with my daughter acting and singing and me playing guitar while dressed in black so the audience wouldn’t be distracted by the band. We often found ourselves driving home from shows way too late on school nights. And it wasn’t unusual in our household for me to be rocking out on Kurt Cobain riffs or Led Zeppelin, while my daughter, as a young child, belted out the newest show tunes and told me to turn it down.

Michelle recently graduated with an opera degree, while I continue to write and play my roots infused blues. It seemed fitting that we  recorded together and sang the new tunes in front of an audience filled with family and friends. As Mother’s Day approaches I am reminded of that special CD release performance and of how proud I am of my daughter and the recording we made together.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!